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221 weeks ago

What I am going to post below is how to get the most out of the new Desynthesis feature in the 2.3 update. There seems to be a lack of information, so this is from 1st hand experience. I have Leatherworker @ dlv 74.17 & Goldsmith @ dlv 79.57.

First order of business is choosing Goldsmith as your Primary Desynthesizing class… I can't stress this enough. Not only is it one of the easiest classes to raise your desynthesis level it's one of the only classes that can make gear to desynthesize for the coveted Fieldcraft III Demimateria.

Raising your dlv is almost like starting the crafting class all over again, you start creating lv 1 gear that you can buy from the Supplier. Then desynthesize it to raise your level. You can make up to ilv 15 gear from the supplier… so there is really no problem there. You will notice when you approach dlv 30 the gains become smaller and smaller. Once you reach dlv 30 you will buy Marble Eye from the Vendor & Aldgoat Horns from the Kobold Vendor to make and desynthesize "Goathorn Staff" both items are relatively cheap compared to your other options. The real cost will be the 3 Wind & 3 Fire shards… which have skyrocketed since the 2.3 update.

Desynthesizing The Goathorn Staff will yield some Battlecraft I Demimateria, which is good if you want to acquire your Desynthesizing Master Recipe Book, in 1 week it will probably be worthless. For the Master Recipe Books you need 5x Battlecraft I Demimateria & 5x Fieldcraft I Demimateria. Next at dlv 50 or so you move onto Mythril Chocker which is ilv 39 and the Mythril is easy to farm as well as the Toad Leather, these on occasion will yield a Fieldcraft Demimateria I which is what we REALLY want as a Crafter / Gatherer to create the new ilv 55 Accessories such as Dodore Belt & Rose Gold Chocker… each require 10x Fieldcraft Demimateria I.

Then at dlv 60 you begin desynthesizing Electrum Ring of Crafting ilv 47… this will on occasion yield 2x Fieldcraft Demimateria I… and it only requires 1x Electrum Ingot & 1x Basilisk Whetstone… again the 6x Wind Shards & 5x Fire shards is what will kill you in gil.

Now for the loophole… at dlv 70 with a ~ 65% chance to convert an Aetheryte Ring, the loophole is that there is only 1 ingredient, Rose Gold Nugget and when you desynthesize you can get 1x Rose Gold Nugget / Fieldcraft Demimateria II or Clear Demiateria II. If you just keep converting to Rose Gold Nugget the only cost is the Failed attempts and 1x Water Cluster.

You can use this method to reach dlv 78.00 before only gaining +0.01 - +0.02 and lowering your other desynthesis levels by the same amount.

Next what you need to do is Brayflox Longstop HM and collect useless Darklight Jewelry… convert them and you can get a Battlecraft Demateria III… at first the chance for sucess is ~ 65% but each converted it will raise your dlv by 0.15 - 0.20.
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